AMEA High School Regional Festival

The 2020-2021 AMEA All-Regional Honor Festival Audition process will be online using the OpusEvent platform and the audition requirements will be the same as a “live” event.

OpusEvent is the same platform the AMEA will be using for Solo & Ensemble and the ABODA All-State Jazz Band Auditions. It is very user friendly for both you and your students.  Tutorial videos will be available for teachers and students prior to the audition process.

  • Audition uploads are done directly through the OpusEvent site.
  • Auditions will take place during a scheduled window of time.  Students will not have individual scheduled times.  Auditions can be done from home, or you can have them audition from school.
  • OpusEvent allows the student to “practice” their audition as many times as they want to make sure the mic levels are correct, and the student is comfortable with the process.  Once the student selects to record their performance, they will have one chance to record and submit.  Thus making it similar to the “live” in person audition event.
  • The Auditions Registration Deadline has been changed to January 22.
  • The window to submit auditions will be:  February 1 – February 6.
  • The adjudication window is February 7 – February 13.
  • Results will be available February 16.
  • Participation Registration Deadline: March 2
  • Deadline for Our Virtual Ensemble recording is March 5 (individual student part)
  • Virtual Regional Festival is March 20.

All-Regional Choir solo accompaniments can be either a live accompaniment or pre-recorded accompaniment.  The student must provide her/his own playback device.

All-Regional Choir sight reading will only be three single lines. Due to technical limitations, there will not be a block and contrapuntal exercise.

IMPORTANT: Live recording (including sight reading) requires a supported browser. Currently OpusEvent support Chrome in Windows and Safari/Chrome in MacOS. Firefox, Edge, and mobile devices are not supported. If your student is recording from home, please share this information with them.

If you have questions or need any assistance during the Regional Audition process, contact David Waggoner, AMEA Executive Director.